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8 Cities of South Fulton County


South Fulton County is the Southern Region of Fulton County. It is comprised of 8 cities and a portion is still unincorporated. Many confuse "The City of South Fulton" with South Fulton- the County. The City of South Fulton is just 1 of the 8 cities that make up South Fulton.

South Fulton offers an array of things to do and is the fasted growing area in Atlanta. With lots of green space and its close proximity to the Worlds busiest airport, there's no wonder people are flocking to South Fulton to take advantage of all of the opportunities it offers.

On this website, we'll keep you up to date on events, discounts, new eateries, new business openings, new opportunities, single's events, what South Fulton has to offer and more. The Directory will help you navigate around the County to find all the things and places that you'll need to live your Best Life in South Fulton! 


Palmetto | City of South Fulton | East Point | Fairburn | Union City | Hapeville | Chatt Hills | College Park 


In no particular order...we love them all!
Mayor vince_williams.jpg
Union City

Mayor Vince Williams

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MAyor Deana Holiday Ingraham .jpg
East Point

Mayor Deana Holiday-Ingraham

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Mayor Edwards.jpg
City of South Fulton

Mayor Bill Edwards

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Mayor Palmetto Boddie - web.jpg

Mayor J. Clark Boddie

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Mayor Alan - Hallman SR1_6824.jpg
College Park

Mayor Bianca Motley Broom

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Mayor Tom .jpg
Chattahoochee Hills
Mayor elizabeth carr hurst.jpg

Mayor Elizabeth Carr- Hurst

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